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    Permanent and Executive Recruitment

    what we do

    The permanent and executive teams are another facet of the business that assists our educators on their career journey. Working closely both with existing candidates or new candidates looking for a permanent position, the permanent and executive team have deep ties to the industry, leveraging connections and opportunities to find the best job for the right educator.

    what do we look for?

    Attributes that will make you a superstar in our division

    Work Ethic & Driven Nature
    Possess the ability to work autonomously and be goal driven

    Team Player
    Committed to team objectives and have a demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with others

    Networking and communication skills 
    Possess strong interpersonal and written communication skills

    Recruitment  Skills
    Experience with placing candidates and managing applications

    our team

    A few (but not all!) of the friendly faces you'll get to know

    James Mundy - National Head of Executive, Australia

    James is the National Head of Executive at anzuk. James enjoys each day and strives to learn, act and grow on these as he goes. Working with amazing educators and schools who are nurturing and growing our future generations. James enjoys helping educators build their capacity and help them in their career journey. James believes he is the experiment...... the first child of 7!

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    Ben Crole - Permanent Opportunities Consultant, Melbourne

    Ben works in the team as a Permanent Opportunities Consultant. Bens position involves proactively sourcing great teachers for immediate roles, while sufficiently stockpiling enough talent for future positions. One of the best parts of his role is successfully helping a teacher land their dream position!

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    Oliver Wurm - Permanent Opportunities Consultant, Melbourne

    Oliver has been a Permanent Opportunities Consultant since 2016. Oliver's role is often challenging when filling roles with unique subject splits, but says that the reward for placing a teacher in their next position is always worth it. Oliver is quick on his feet becoming the 2009 Australian under 20 400 meter champion.

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    Michael Evans - Permanent Opportunities Consultant, Sydney

    Michael started the Sydney permanent school's team from scratch in 2016, since then he has become involved with pretty much everything in the office. Michael loves the autonomy of his role and running his own desk. A fun fact about Michael is that he grew up on top of a pub in the CBD.

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    Nathan Blunt - Permanent Opportunities Consultant, Brisbane

    Nathan is an Education Recruitment Consultant in our Brisban office. Getting a quality educator through to the interview stage for them to get pipped at the post is what Nathan lives for. Nathan once worked with someone for 18 months before he realised they are related (cousins).

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    Gianni Sgualduino - Permanent Opportunities Consultant, Brisbane

    Gianni has worked as a Permanent Opportunities Consultant in our Brisbane office since 2017. Gianni finds it challenging to source the highest quality educator for rural/regional schools and feels empowered by the trust his team receives to get our job done effectively. One of Giannis' finest memories is when he met the captain of AC Milan whilst holidaying in Capri, which happens to be his favourite football player and favourite club.

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    Katie Milne - Permanent Opportunities Consultant

    Katie supports schools and collaborates with teachers, providing advice, the development of professional portfolios and coaching during the interview process. Katie enjoys working within a fun and dynamic team and working with the teaching community. Katie is well traveled, visiting 9 different countries in 2017.

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    Working with teachers and helping them with their long-term future gives me great satisfaction and teachers are fantastic people to work with. They love their job, helping others and it has been great to build some long-lasting relationships and keep in touch over the academic year. Trying to find the ideal school environment for each teacher is incredibly rewarding, especially knowing that they can go to work on a daily basis and enjoy what they do!
    - Oliver Wurm, Permanent Education Consultant

    What's it like working on the Permanent & Executive team?

    Working within a tightly knit group of like minded recruiters, the permanent and executive teams assist current CRTs and new candidates apply for permanent teaching work. You'll celebrate your successes together as part of a supportive group who are passionate about helping teachers on their career journey.

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