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    We liaise with and support educators who are interested in working abroad in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. We all have first-hand knowledge around transitioning to the UK, from working in the classroom to travelling across Europe and aim to provide an exceptional experience for their journey. We ensure each educator is well informed on all matters around visas, travelling, living and work opportunities. We provide regular contact with our international based staff, info sessions, webinars, PD workshops and networking drinks both in AUS and the UK to ensure this is a smooth and exciting transition.

    what do we look for?

    Attributes that will make you a superstar in our division

    Work Ethic & Driven Nature
    Possess the ability to work autonomously and be goal driven

    Team Player
    Committed to team objectives and have a demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with others

    Networking and communication skills 
    Possess strong interpersonal and written communication skills

    Overseas work and travel experience
    Experience working and living in another country

    our team

    A few (but not all!) of the friendly faces you'll get to know

    Rowan O'Hara

    After completing his Teaching Degree in central Victoria Rowan managed to snag a contract in North London living in a share house full of misfits. Two years later his CV boasted experience in over 40 schools across London. During his teaching adventure he managed to visit a plethora of countries around Europe, festivals, sporting events. Now he is stoked to be supporting homegrown teachers embarking on their own UK journeys and hearing all about their adventures.

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    Tenielle Henderson

    Tenielle has worked in the London office as a Compliance Officer. When it came time to move back to Aus, Tenielle used her experience in the UK Recruitment team.

    Carly Pagotto

    Carly works alongside Taryn as an Overseas Recruitment Consultant based in our London office. Her favourite thing about anzuk is the strong culture and sense of community which is felt as soon as you walk into the office. She loves that everybody in the team, across each continent, are passionate about what they do and are always keen to help each other out! Before moving to London and joining the UK office, Carly worked for an airline and was based in Brisbane.

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    Taryn Tiko

    Taryn works as an Overseas Recruitment Consultant based in our London office. Taryn finds it can be challenging when trying to communicate with Australian consultants. Her favourite thing about anzuk is the community feel both in the office and amongst our teachers! The events are always so inclusive and such a great way to meet new people, network and make lifelong friends. What Taryn loves about her role is getting to speak to passionate educators every day about the next step in their career journey! Before working for anzuk Taryn was a Zumba Fitness Instructor on the Gold Coast, QLD!

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    Cooper Nauboris

    Cooper works over in Canada as our Canadian Recruitment and Consultant. One challenge he faces is working from his home office and working solo. Cooper enjoys living vicariously through the teachers he is able help move abroad, as well as meeting and connecting with so many amazing, inspiring and motivated people! Cooper has managed to perform Karaoke in 7 countries......and counting.

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    Gillian Lemmo

    Gillian works over in Canada assisting Canadian teachers looking to teach and travel to Australia. Being a teacher herself, she started off working as a CRT almost 10 years ago through anzuk in Melbourne and since then has been based in Ontario working on the recruitment side of things. Gillian loves being able to help Canadians live their dream of teaching overseas while being able to work from her hometown in Canada.

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    Mitch Jones

    Making the move from Sydney via Wagga as a recent graduate PE teacher, Mitch spent the next 2 years working in a mix of primary, secondary and special needs schools in England (when not travelling Europe!) Since returning, he has spent the better part of 10 years helping support Aussie teachers create their own plans in making the move, both teaching and travelling. Also working with our NSW local schools team, Mitch is on deck to help teachers on their return by placing them in schools across NSW too. With a 360° view of your teaching experience he can make sure that all angles are well and truly covered, both before you arrive in the UK and once you return home.

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    Rewarding work

    The work you do in the Overseas Recruitment Division is truly life changing for educators across the globe, exposing them to new challenges and cultures which expands their life experience.

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