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I See Red

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This Professional Development will focus on ANGER within the classroom/playground.
It will include common triggers of anger in students.
The anger de- escalation cycle, with suggested interventions and safety plans, will be discussed.
Positive self regulation (calming) strategies, that can be used, will be included.
Suggested resources and quick redirect techniques, will be shared.

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST)

1.5, 1.6, 4.1 and 4.3 (Building capacity to teach learners with disability)

The PD shares alternative, preventative, positive response approaches and strategies to better understand and manage challenging behaviors, in primary school settings.


Jenny Levitan

Jenny Levitan is a very experienced teacher and school well being leader. When thinking about challenging behaviour, she feels that looking at a problem as a problem,is compounding the problem. Her aim is to challenge perceptions. She is very driven to getting schools to respond to students that may have social, emotional or behavioural challenges, positively and restoratively. She is a strong advocate for both teachers and students that are needing additional support,and am passionate about 'all things behaviour'! STRIDE Behaviour, Jenny's company, is about empowerment,and offers outreach support and Professional Learning, to schools.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018
4:30 PM
- 6:30 PM
Maribyrnong Library Meeting Room
200 Rosamond Rd
Maribyrnong , VIC 3032

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