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    always helping educators make the right choice

    The value of our people provides the key to success.

    About Us

    Providing quality educators since 2004; every way, every day, always.

    At anzuk, we place exceptional people in educational settings. We invest in teachers looking for temporary or permanent work, provide search and selection for executive level managers, recruit support staff and supply permanent and casual educators and support staff for early childhood.

    Now operating between Australia, the UK, Canada and New Zealand, we can meet your needs wherever you are in your education career journey.

    Every day, every way, always.


    The anzuk Story

    Anzuk was founded in 2004 by our current CEO Daniel Mundy and Managing Director Ben Goldsmith, initially sourcing teachers from Australia and New Zealand to work in the UK.

    Daniel and Ben identified the need for quality teachers to always be present and available in the classroom. For students to achieve desired outcomes, they believe every day counts.

    With this goal in mind, anzuk soon expanded to develop local networks, transforming the education recruitment industry one region at a time. We continue to lead the way in education recruitment services, including early childhood and executive specialties. 


    Our Values

    People are our entire reason for being. They make our service what it is and allow us to constantly improve the education sector.

    Living our shared values allows us to create value for others, driving us to BE GREAT in all that we do:

    Belief Exceptional
    Growth Relationships Enthusiasm Attitude Team

    Our reputation for developing open and meaningful relationships is always first and foremost. That's how we're able to provide exceptional career opportunities for educators and a valuable service for our partner organisations.

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