Safer Recruitment Policy

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure that safe and fair recruitment practices are rigorously enforced. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all of the anzuk Education team (internal a-team and contracted educators) to share this commitment.

We will comply with the requirements of the Department for Education (DFE), Keeping Children Safe in Education (2021) (KCSIE) and any advice published by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). We will ensure that people are treated solely on the basis of their abilities and potential, in line with equality legislation.

This policy also supports us to adopt a coherent and consistent approach to recruiting and retaining staff of the highest calibre, both within our internal a-team and all educators contracted to work on both temporary and permanent assignments.

This policy aims to deter unsuitable applicants from applying for roles working within vulnerable groups by following a clear and consistent process with every applicant in line with all relevant guidance and legislation.
Related Policies
This policy should be read alongside the following policies:
anzuk Education recruitment and selection procedures
All staff working at anzuk Education will familiarise themselves with this policy and related policies and support compliance with the safer recruitment procedures within.

All Leadership Team, Senior Compliance and Candidate team members have completed Safer Recruitment Training via APSCo and will support wider anzuk Education team in adhering to Safer Recruitment practices. Both Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO) and Deputy have completed APSCo Designated Safeguarding Officer training.

Where vacancies are advertised anzuk Education adverts will detail person requirements and minimum requirements in relation to qualifications as well as requirement to hold an enhanced DBS on the update service or to apply via anzuk Education (if applicable).
Any family or close friend relationships must be declared to the anzuk Education as soon as they become apparent. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. No member of staff will be the recruiter or on the section panel for the recruitment of a family member or close friend. Where there is recruitment of a family member or close friend of an existing staff member, a Regional Director must be on the selection panel.
anzuk Education offer a ‘Refer a Friend’ Scheme for our educators. If an existing educator recommends a contact for a vacant educator post, who is then successfully appointed due to that recommendation (following appropriate recruitment and selection processes), the educator will receive a referral bonus of £100 of vouchers upon completion of 10 days of paid work via anzuk Education. Where there is any contention as to whether a ‘Refer a Friend’ fee is to paid, the relevant Regional Director will make the final decision.

Responsibility for ensuring these policies are carried out lies with the Director and is supported by the Regional Directors and Team Leaders.

Our recruitment and selection process
  1. Recruitment Training
    1. 2 All staff involved with recruiting and selecting staff (including contractors) and / or volunteers are trained in child safeguarding and the requirements and behaviours required to ensure safe and fair recruitment.
    2. 3 This training includes the principles and procedures set out in this policy.
  2. Recruitment procedures
    1. 1 Recruitment advertising includes a role description including the qualities and standards required in the successful candidate, and details of the checking procedures to be carried out.
    2. 2 A registration form is used requiring every applicant to provide their full work history, and carefully scrutinised. This work history is securely held on file for individuals employed by anzuk Education. The application form also includes medical fitness questions as well as confirmation the individual is not disqualified by association.
    3. 3 Applicants are phone screened followed by a formal interview by an experienced consultant to ascertain their suitability as an anzuk worker.
    4. 4 Interviews follow a prepared checklist of required qualifications, experience and qualities, seeking evidence of each.
    5. 5 Written notes are made during and after each interview to ensure fair evaluation and / or comparison of candidates against consistent criteria.
    6. 6 Where an individual application form has raised particular questions e.g. employment gaps or spent convictions, these must be satisfactorily explored prior to clearance/starting work.
    7. 7 Any disclosures or concerns relevant to safe recruitment are clearly identified and referred to the DSO before recruitment decisions are made.
    8. 8 With the candidate’s permission, application forms, work history, qualification data where relevant and certified copies of original identity documents are securely retained on file for each individual during their time working with the organisation and retained in line with GDPR guidelines.
  1. Verification
    1. 1 Any gaps in employment are investigated and verified where necessary.
    2. 2 A minimum of 2 references are requested for roles completed in the previous 2 years and must include the most recent role. References are checked for any flags in relation to safeguarding and disciplinary procedures and issues escalated as appropriate.
    3. 3 Identity documentation checks are carried out for all recruits.
    4. 4 The individual’s right to work in the UK is verified and documentation securely retained.
    5. 5 All individuals from outside the EU/EEA must prove their right to work under their visa or leave to remain.
    6. 6 An Enhanced DBS check is carried out on all contract, temporary and permanent staff who are to be placed in schools.
    7. 7 Updated DBS checks are carried out on long-term staff and volunteers at a minimum frequency of every 1 years.
    8. 8 All DBS information is recorded.
    9. 9 Any Positive Disclosure information revealed is referred to the DSO or Deputy DSO via a risk assessment before a recruitment decision is made.
    10. 10 Where any doubts remain as to the safety of recruiting the individual, the principle of child safety first is followed.
    11. 11 An overseas Police check is obtained for any individual who has been out of the UK for 6 months or more in the past 5 years. Where this has not been possible a Letter of Good Conduct is obtained from a previous employer. As with the DBS any information revealed is referred to the DSO or Deputy DSO via a Risk Assessment before a recruitment decision is made.
    12. 12 Checks against the ‘Teacher and Others Prohibited from the profession’ to ensure no matches against any educator.
    13. 13 Prohibition Check is completed for all registered Teachers.
    14. 14 Each individual is required to complete CPD certified training on Safeguarding & Prevent and COVID-19 (Educational Settings) via Safesmart.
    15. 15 Each educator is provided with guidance notes on Safeguarding and the link to the government guidance on Keeping Children Safe in Education.
anzuk Education is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.
Date of Policy: 01/10/2021

This policy will be reviewed every 12 months. Review date: 01/10/2022