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Since the UK Government announced school closures on the 20th March, 8 million pupils in the UK and 32,770 schools were left without a clear indication of when schools would return again. This is an unprecedented time for everyone and the first countrywide school shutdown we have experienced in British history. anzuk are tirelessly working through this uncertain time to ensure there are still opportunities for children to receive an exceptional learning experience, whether that be from home or from within the classroom.

There are several steps we have implemented over the last few months to ensure the wellbeing of staff, children and parents which are accessible below. We have created additional content in response to COVID-19 that will guide the return to school, and most importantly we have introduced mandatory safety training that is required of all anzuk employees prior to returning to a classroom.

Finally, you will have access to a large bank of professional and personal development training and resources which is continuously being updated.


APRIL 2021 Update: As we move towards reopening and return to something akin to normal, we will all naturally come into contact with more people than we have done over the last few months. One of the ways we can all mitigate risk is by doing a regular lateral flow test.  

 We advise all educators to conduct a lateral flow test every few days and prior to visiting a new school.  

These are simple to order and to administer although granted they are not particularly comfortable.  

Please follow this link to order your lateral flow tests and update your anzuk representative if you test positive.  

Download our COVID safe Schools guide here Download our COVID safe Teaching guide here

Tutoring and virtual teaching

If you are a parent and seeking additional home-schooling support, you can register your child for our virtual teaching service! Our teachers are fully qualified with experience teaching a range of age groups and abilities and the packages can be tailored to your expectations.

Find out more about our tutoring service

Well-being and emotional support for schools and educators

Adjustment Strategies to Deal with Self-Isolation: Webinar Recording Wednesday, 22 April


Video from the online webinar taken on Wednesday 22nd of April presented by Debbi Carberry.   > Download Mental Health & Wellbeing Survival Guide HERE< .

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Wellbeing: Body & Mind


Two amazing ladies from our London office have teamed up to chat to you about how you can support your own wellbeing, from a body and mind perspective.   This state of… Read More

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Social distancing in UK Schools


With the prospect of schools re-opening on 1 June, head teachers are faced with the question – how do we attempt to keep children a safe distance apart?   Countries who have eased lockdown measures… Read More

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UK Teachers and Support Staff: COVID-19 Q&A


With schools due to reopen on 1st June, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding how schools will adhere to social distancing measures, and what this will look like for children and teachers… Read More

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Headteacher Talks: Listen to what school leaders are doing in your area! No-one could have planned for this unusual time and we are still learning new procedures based on new guidelines, which can change rapidly!

We virtually met with senior school leaders across the UK to share best practise and to get an insight into what different school settings, regions and what those senior leaders are implementing to ensure a safe environment for staff and pupils, how the education landscape may see some eminent changes and how emotional wellbeing is being highlighted.

Educators during COVID-19 Feedback: Listening to educators is one of our main priorities, it allows us to build strong relationships and ensures we share the same values in creating exceptional learning experiences. Therefore, we surveyed all educators working with anzuk across the UK to understand what their main needs, concerns and hopes are. The responses we received were optimistic and there was an evident desire to get back into the classroom to continue teaching again.

Downloadable resources: Our free resources will provide you with a safe environment for children to return to. From correct handwashing to safe play in a restricted area, you can place these posters around the classroom as a gentle reminder for your students.


Mandatory COVID-19 Training: If you are planning a return to a UK classroom, it is now a compulsory requirement that you complete our online COVID-19 training program. This will take around 15-20 minutes to complete. As the training institute is outsourced by anzuk, you will need to confirm your consent for anzuk to pass on your details to SmartLog who will be in touch with further details.

A link will be available here for you to submit your consent soon.

eLearning Resources

Virtual Interviewing: Secure your next teaching role!


Two amazing anzuk team members, Janine and Mike, are here to chat to you about virtual interviewing. A subject that is close to their hearts!   Visual Educators   What is it?  Basically, you’d create… Read More

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Virtual tutoring tips & tricks!


So, you have decided to dive into the wonderful world of tutoring. Tutoring is a fantastic way to continue to build on your teaching skills and knowledge base whilst also… Read More

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Teaching Mindfulness in the classroom


What and Why?   For many people and children, COVID-19 has been a traumatic experience. We are in completely unprecedented territory at the moment, and when children go through traumatic experiences the reactions… Read More

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Charities we are supporting

anzuk are pleased to be supporting and driving fundraising for Young Minds. Young minds are a registered charity leading the fight for a future where children are supported and empowered, your donation will go towards resources for families and schools to limit the long-term effect of COVID on young people’s mental health.

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