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Create bookings in seconds

Your time is valuable, so we made sure you can create a booking in seconds and we’ll handle the rest.

Instant educator management

Immediate booking visibility to help your day

Nothing is worse than not knowing. Which is why Ready2Book allows for transparency into who is coming to your school along with their live compliance documents.


View all the relevant compliance documents of educators


Manage submission of timesheets quickly and easily


View details of educators who have previously been on site


Instantly provide us feedback on educators

Available anywhere you are

Available anywhere you are

We have made Ready2Book available on multiple devices so you can be sure you have access whenever & where ever you need it.


Ready2Book by anzuk

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Can anyone use Ready2Book?

Ready2Book is exclusive to clients of anzuk Education.

How do I get a login for Ready2Book?

Since Ready2Book is for exclusive use of anzuk Education clients you will need to speak to your account manager to gain access.

Where can I get further help for the app?

If you require further help with our app please contact us

Can I suggest a new feature?

We love receiving feedback from our customers. You can contact us and let us know how we can make Ready2Book even better.