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Your time is valuable, so we made sure you can set your availability for the week in seconds. You can even alert us when you are up and ready in the mornings so we can prioritise your bookings!

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Ready2Work is our online booking platform designed to enable our educators to set themselves up for the day!

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alert us when you are up and ready for work so we know we can book you in.

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Available anywhere you are

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How do I update my availability?

You can keep your availability updated via the Ready2Work app; you can update this whenever you like and can elect set days of availability, custom availability, and even set part-days! Your Account Manager will always see the most up-to-date version of your availability to then call you about shifts most suitable for you.

Where can I find an incident from?

Incident Report forms and other Work Cover information are available in the ‘Downloads’ area of your Ready2Work portal. We always recommend you contact your Account Manager directly by phone as soon as possible after any incidents occur, so that we can make sure you receive best support if you are injured in the workplace.

Where can I find a feedback form?

Feedback form templates are available in the ‘Downloads’ area of your Ready2Work portal. It is expected that you provide feedback for the Educator you have replaced for the day, so that they know what occurred when they were away, and what they may need to follow up with next. A great question to ask when going into schools is if the setting has a preferred method for leaving feedback to ensure this is passed on. If you’re seeking to provide feedback on the school itself – whether you LOVED it, or would prefer not to return – please contact your Account Manager.

Can I update my VIT or other documents on the app?

You can update your VIT card and other required documents in the ‘My Files’ area of Ready2Work. We notify you via automatic email if one of the documents required for your work is expected to expire within the next 30 days. When you receive this, access ‘My Files’ and you’ll be able to search for the item you need to replace, provide updated information and upload a new version of the document, to help ensure everything stays updated with us and your work with us can continue seamlessly.

Where can I find my Consultant's details?

You can find your Account Manager’s details in the ‘Contact Us’ area of your Ready2Work portal. We always recommend you contact your Account Manager using their direct details, as they have been allocated to you based on your geographical area and preferred work type, and so are best placed to assist you with any inquiries.