Making a global impact

anzuk was founded in 2004, initially sourcing teachers from Australia and New Zealand to work in the UK.

anzuk was founded on the need for quality teachers to always be present and available in the classroom. For students to achieve desired outcomes, they believe every day counts.

With this goal in mind, anzuk soon expanded to develop local networks, transforming the education recruitment industry one region at a time. We continue to lead the way in education recruitment services, including early childhood and executive specialties.

Now operating between Australia, the UK, NZ and the USA, we are excited that anzuk educators are reaching classrooms around the world and making a global impact.


People are our entire reason for being.

They make our service what it is and allow us to constantly improve the education sector.

Living our shared values allows us to create value for others, driving us to BE GREAT in all that we do:


in you, in me, in us.


a fair go.


becoming is better than being.


authentic and committed to helping others.


be here, be you, belong.


chooses gratitude, drives attitude.


we have fun, we are one.

hear what our
team says about anzuk

I started my working career as a professional dancer many moons ago, and not long into my career, I found myself injured and unable to continue performing. I struggled to find a job that still aligned with what I needed and wanted, so I hopped from one corporate role to another, just like Goldilocks herself, until I – you guessed it – found one that was just right. anzuk Education was the first place I had found since being a performer that ticked almost every box. There isn’t quite anything else in this world for a dancer that comes close to hearing and feeling a ferocious applause after performing to an audience, but honestly, working for a company that sees your potential and supports you to find it and then surpass it feels pretty darn close!

Jason Jordaan Surrey

Why anzuk?

Having worked in Education Recruitment for many years, I was looking for a change and wanting to work for a purpose driven company that focused on the why instead of the how much. The anzuk culture and business model immediately stood out from the very crowded space within the sector and the rest as they say was history.

Bex George Bristol

I joined anzuk in early February 2024 as an Education Recruitment Consultant. The support my team have given me throughout my training has been immense. There is a real sense of teamwork which is what really attracted me to anzuk. Working alongside my colleagues to really make a difference in the world of education has been super rewarding and I cannot wait to continue growing to be able to support more educators and schools!

Toshanna Nelukshan London

anzuk education has been a home away from home for myself here in London. Despite the overpopulation of Australians in the office, there is a real community feel that brings the company together. Never dull a moment, whether it be conversing with our great educators, visiting one of our London-wide schools, or planning one of our many events. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at anzuk, a testament to the people involved, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

George Hanham Wales

I’m approaching my 5th year working with anzuk education and take pride in establishing their first regional office in Newport, South Wales. It’s thrilling to contribute to education by providing a pipeline of international educators, aligning with the innovative Welsh Curriculum, and supporting schools across Wales in a truly unique way.
No day is ever the same and there is never a dull moment. We pride ourselves in enjoying what we do and having fun, ensuring we create exceptional experiences along the way. We are lucky to work in an industry where we can really make a difference, no matter what role you do for anzuk!

Clint Butler Wales

anzuk has a level of care and authenticity that is so genuine. Yes, we are a business, but it truly is people first, whether that is the internal team, the educators we work with, or the schools we support. Before joining anzuk, I worked as a teacher through a few other agencies and it always just felt transactional. I was blown away by how supportive and passionate the team was…and 5+ years later still is.

Belinda Artlett London

Meet the anzuk team

Our international team comes from all corners of the world, each bringing their dynamic skillset and authentic experiences to make their mark on the education community.

Education Consultants and Recruitment Specialists.

Finance experts, marketing gurus, compliance wizards and learning and development legends. Former educators and current superstars.

Let’s meet them, shall we?

Hearing from our team

Meet a Few Stars of Our A-Team: The Warm and Welcoming Faces Behind Our Success. Meet the team
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