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Requirements and Expectations

What do you need to register with anzuk? Check out the full list of qualifications and clearance requirements here.


What do you need to register with anzuk? Anzuk are proud to hold a APSCo Compliance+ accreditation, as such we adhere to their guidelines to ensure all of our educators have completed all of the following vetting procedures. A full list of requirements are detailed below:

  • We endeavour to obtain reference checks for the previous 2 years employment prior to commencement of any assignment – see our UK reference checking guidelines 
  • An enhanced DBS (UK Police Check) we can help you apply for this or use a certificate which is registered on the update service.
  • Overseas Police Checks are obtained from any country you have lived/worked in for 6 months or more, in the last 5 years.
  • Prohibition Check is completed for all registered Teachers.
  • Each educator is checked against the list of ‘teachers and others prohibited from the profession’.
  • Each individual is interviewed face to face by an experienced consultant to ascertain their suitability as an anzuk worker.
  • Each individual is required to complete CPD certified training on Safeguarding & Prevent and COVID-19 (Educational Settings) via Safesmart.
  • Each educator is provided with guidance notes on Safeguarding and the link to the government guidance on Keeping Children Safe in Education.



  • PUNCTUALITY Please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the school day begins. If using public transport plan at least two different routes to avoid delays. If you are running late please phone anzuk so that we can inform the school.
  • SWITCH OFF YOUR PHONE DURING LESSONS Do not take your phone out during lessons, please ensure that your phone is switched off or remains on silent mode throughout the day.
  • BE PROACTIVE Please follow the lesson plans provided by the teacher. Alternatively, if you are asked to do general supply, please speak to the person who organises the cover to see if there is anything else they may wish you to do. If you are proactive you are more likely to be rebooked.
  • PROFESSIONALISM Your behaviour will have a direct impact on the pupils. Please ensure that you demonstrate the school’s principles and values at all times. If pupils do not adhere to the school rules, then ask for support from another staff member.
  • FEEDBACK Provide constructive feedback for all classes including pupil’s progress and behavioural management. - UPKEEP Classrooms are to be returned to their original state at the end of your lessons (ensure that all chairs are pushed in and no rubbish is left).
  • PARENT EVENINGS If you are on long term supply you may be asked to attend parent evenings. Please discuss with the agency whether you will be paid or if the school will give you time in lieu.
  • RELIABILITY Please honour all bookings you are confirmed for unless you are genuinely sick or it is an emergency. Please notify the office at 6:50am if you are unable to work. 
  • CONFIDENTIALITY Never provide your contact details directly to a school, please contact your anzuk consultant to discuss the matter further. Never use anzuk Education or schools that you have been sent to, to solicit work or act as an agent; regardless of if you are making any money from it or not.
  • SAFEGUARDING Never provide your personal details directly to children or parents, or take/share any pictures of children via social media outlets. It is a requirement that you report ANY concerns relating to a child’s welfare and safety that you are in contact with to a school staff member as soon as possible and inform your anzuk representative.

Providing a teachers contact details to a school that you have been placed in by anzuk Education
Providing a teachers contact details to another agent that you have met through work or social functions organised by anzuk Education LTD
Providing any information about another agent to a teacher or school while on an assignment for anzuk Education LTD or attending an anzuk functions
This is valid for a period of 12 months from your last day of work with anzuk Education LTD
As a teacher registered with anzuk Education, I understand my contractual and moral obligations to both anzuk Education LTD and to the schools. I agree to comply with ethical standards and to act within the best interests of anzuk Education LTD at all times. Please see our Policies page for further guidance on all the above.

Useful Resources

Working in education opens up a wealth of new experiences. Of course, with every new experience there are challenges.

That's why anzuk has provided some handy resources and links to help make the next step in your career journey as simple and rewarding as possible.

The Teaching and Learning Academy is an innovative way of helping teachers and those working in support roles in schools/other educational settings to improve their practice and gain professional recognition for doing so. It is also the UK provider of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The UK National Curriculum framework provides all teachers with the resources and guidance they require to plan and assess student knowledge across the country. The big benefit to having a National Curriculum is that no matter what school you teach in the core fundamental learning methodologists will be similar and schemes of work should be in place ready for use.

The Department for Education (DfE) is continually changing and updating regulatory policy in the UK. Their website is an excellent source of information and a fantastic point of reference should you wish to gain a great understanding on the "big picture" of Education in the UK.

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) will be albeit a set of letters for teacher arriving in the UK who have completed their teacher training in a non European Economic Area (EEA). QTS actually is the accreditation all teachers are required to gain should they want to teach in grant maintained schools. For Overseas Trained Teachers (OTT's) QTS will be an accreditation you will need apply for and get only if you are planning to stay for longer than 4 years in the UK.

Term dates in the UK vary from borough to borough and school to school. The best way to get an accurate account on specific term dates in a certain area is by visiting the Direct Gov website. Here you can search for specific term dates depending on the location you are interested in teaching in.

You get treated as a person not a number. When discussing availability of work, everything that was said has been true. I have a no stress enjoyable workspace working with anzuk.

Alison - Early Childhood Educator in Melbourne

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