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    New South Wales, Australia

    The Sydney office is a place of connection, where everyone has a sense of purpose and wants to be there. The team enjoy spending time together not just at work but outside as well, bringing each other together just like small little family. They strive to build very authentic relationships with there educators, by knowing what they're up to and where they're at in their life in order to place them in the perfect position. This team of seven is always having a laugh at each other and when someone is feeling down they will all chip in to pick each other up. 

    Our Divisions


    Early Childhood Division

    Placing exceptional educators into early childhood settings, including Childcare temp, Kindergarten temp, Out of School Hours Care and Permanent positions.

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    Permanent & Executive Recruitment

    The team behind our permanent and executive recruitment

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    Taryn Linnan

    Taryn works as the Senior Permanent Recruitment of Early Childhood in Sydney. Taryn loves finding exceptional Early Childhood Teachers and enjoys seeing educators happy after hearing the feedback of how well they are doing from the centre director or owners.

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    Michael Evans

    Michael started the Sydney permanent school's team from scratch in 2016, since then he has become involved with pretty much everything in the office. Michael loves the autonomy of his role and running his own desk. A fun fact about Michael is that he grew up on top of a pub in the CBD.

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    Anna Rogers

    Anna works as an Early Childhood Recruitment Consultant in the permanent division. Challenges of Annas role include the of lack of public transport for candidates in Sydney, making it hard for her to place certain candidates in roles. Anna enjoys the culture in the office, having made genuine friends that hang out both inside and outside of work. When she was 7 Anna won a hula hoop competition against a 14-year-old!

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    Siobhan Filen

    Siobhan is an Early Childhood Recruitment Consultant in the Temporary Team. As a ECT Siobhan loves going out to meet all the centres that we work with to get a feel for the type of educator they need. She enjoys getting to know all our educators that work on our casual team and loves to help them to grow and develop as educators. Siobhan has been a star long before working at anzuk, once reciting a poem about a Whale on a children's television programme!

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    Simon Withers

    Simon is our NSW State Manager. His role ensures the Sydney team is always providing an exceptional service by meeting the needs and expectations of schools and teachers. Simon enjoys the people and culture of the NSW office and hearing a school tell them what an amazing teacher they have just placed with them. Simon was once playing touch footy against a girls team and in the midst of trying to impress them, tore all the ligaments in his ankle.

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    Jessica Clayton

    Jessica works in the Early Childhood Recruitment Consultant Temp Team in Sydney. Jessica enjoys working with a supportive team to help Sydney services/staff/children have great experiences with casual educators and always aims to provide our educators with an enjoyable casual experience on a more personable level.

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    Craig Griffiths

    Craig AKA Griff has been a part of the a-team since 2015. Griff finds staying resilient and agile when the winter period kicks in to be a challenge of his role. Also, giving feedback can sometimes be a little tricky depending on the indivdual. Griff loves the staff at anzuk and his coworkers have now become a family to him. Griff is also a mad traveller travelling to 6/7 continents, the last being Africa to climb Kilimanjaro and a trip to Antarctica is beckoning.

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    What's it like working at the Sydney office?

    Day to day, the Sydney office focus on establishing relationships with local Sydney schools, centres, and educators to build up a repertoire of reliable and people-first service. Being on a small tight-knit team means you'll get to know everyone quickly and jump on in with the goal of expanding further into the Sydney market.

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