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Casual opportunities

Outside School Hours Care settings

We work with a range of schools and are always looking for enthusiastic staff to work with primary aged children at before and after school care facilities. We look for enthusiastic, confident educators who strive to always create exceptional experiences every day. Whether you’re new to the education environment, more experienced with a background in childcare or returning to work we’d love to hear from you!

OSHC assistants

OSHC assistants support the program, run the activities and report to a designated coordinator and work alongside other educators

OSHC diploma/coordinator

OSHC diplomas run the program, in charge of facilitating activities and opening and closing the program while working alongside other educators.

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Thank you to anzuk for their hard work in finding jobs which really suit me. It has been a joy to work with your agency, the wonderful staff…it’s a pleasure to talk to them.

Donna Relief Teaching Assistant

Nothing short to an absolute pleasure to be a proud member of anzuk Education. It’s hard to mention any particularteam member as they all are super supportive and cooperative for any kind of issues I’ve ever faced. Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed and keep enjoying working with Anzuk as an educator and won’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who is keen to build their childcare career with Anzuk. I wish you all the best and every success for anzuk.


I have worked for other casual agencies throughout Sydney but ANZUK is by far the best. Love the app where you book in your availabilities and view, accept and decline shifts as necessary made organizing my work life so convenient. Couldn’t recommend them more highly, I’ve had a great experience working for them.


The team at ANZUK has been amazing from the get-go and so very easy to deal with!.. They have made the transition into the teaching world a breeze and have been super-accommodating, friendly and genuine. The ease of their system and the schools they work alongside make the working week a positive one.


I’ve been working with this company for about a year and a half. I have never had a job I loved so much. I started as an educational support staff member with ANZUK and once I was a qualified teacher I became a CRT. The support system with ANZUK is just so amazing. You’re never forced to take any shift you don’t want and they are always looking for your feedback about your experiences and try their best to find something more suited to you. They are all super friendly and never once did I have a bad encounter.


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There’s no limit to the number of educators you can refer, so if you know anyone looking for teaching work for this term or next year, make sure you let us know!

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