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International educators

Can I secure a job before I leave my home country?

Absolutely! Schools are happy to interview and offer positions to teachers whilst they’re still in their home country. Gone are the days when you needed to physically present for an interview; a digital interview (or round of interviews) is now acceptable practice, and schools in our network are more than happy to offer employment to their preferred applicants, even if they’re based overseas

These offers are based on your ability to secure a valid working visa (see one of the later FAQs for more about visas and migration.)

How much does it cost to have anzuk Education support my job search?

Nothing! We work to support schools in their staffing by extending their recruitment reach and helping them identify suitable teachers and leaders for their vacancies. Whilst we ultimately work to support a school, the process means we work to support you as an educator as well! There are no fees, charges or commissions that you incur to have anzuk secure you a teaching position

But what about state teacher registration? Can I be offered a job without having my registration in place?

In most cases, yes. Provided we can sight evidence of your teaching qualification that meets the minimum requirements for teacher registration or an AITSL assessment, schools are happy to offer employment based on your ability to get registered as soon as you arrive in Australia. There will likely be a clause in your contract saying you cannot start teaching until this has been approved, however it in nearly all cases it won’t stop an offer of employment being extended.

Can I register with a state teaching body before I leave home?

This depends on the state, however in most cases you’ll have to apply once on the ground in your respective states. To register, you will need slightly different documentation for each state, but in general you’ll need the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage certificate/name change (if applicable)
  • Police Clearance
  • Degree (testamur) and academic record (transcripts)
  • For non-NZ teachers, evidence of your IELTS assessment

Some states allow registration from overseas, like QLD and Victoria, however as discussed above, independent schools in other states are happy to offer employment based on your eventual ability to secure registration.

See more about registering with NESA in NSW, the VIT in Victoria, the QLD College of Teachers and the TRB in WA.

I’m coming with my family – what about schools for our children?

Only you will know what school setting will be most appropriate for your children, however we are happy to suggest some local schools and options for you once you have secured employment

In many cases, the school in which you will be working at would love the opportunity to discuss enrolling your child/children in the same school!

Permanent & Contract

Do I need to apply to a specific job ad to be working with the anzuk perm team?

Our team work on live roles but we also talent pool for roles both in the short term and long term. Sometimes we work with educators years advance.

Do I have to pay anything?

No, anzuk work as the person in-between the school and the educator. We don’t take a cut of your pay.

Can anzuk help with leadership roles?

Yes! Our team often work on leadership roles and we have an executive team that help on the executive and above level roles.

Can the permanent team help me with my CV and interview?

Sure! That is what we are here for, not only do we help you with your CV we help you get the job you deserve. From your cover-letter, to the CV itself and to preparing for interview. That is what our team is for!

Why would I go through anzuk and not apply directly?

We act as an advocate for you and your applications. When we are working with you proactively we may put you forward for roles not even advertised online. We can also negotiate on your behalf whether that is your salary or your load!

Casual Educators

What references do I need?

You need 2 up to date references (Principal class or Mentor teachers for grads, or education references for TAs).

What is the registration process?
  • Initial screen (get to know a bit about you, what you’re looking for)
  • Reference checking

If successful, you will enter the registration process which is made up of:

  • Face to face meeting either over video call or in person
  • Gathering of compliance documents and signing the employment paperwork
  • Compliance checks
  • Activation + welcome email
How do I get told about work?

Initially, you may get mostly morning calls about work. Once you have started to get to know some of our schools we may start calling or texting you about bookings in advance. We contact you directly about bookings rather than sending out bulk messages. We will always confirm with you before placing you into a booking. When exactly you are notified about work depends on your circumstances.  

Casual Opportunities

Will I be charged for signing terms of business and getting a Ready2Book portal login?

No, you are only charged when an educator is actually booked and working.

What if I book an educator and part-way through there shift I don't need them anymore?

It depends on their qualification however, the minimum charge per shift is 3 hours. They can be sent home at any time if you don’t need them anymore.

Permanent & Contract

What is the benefit of using an agency rather than advertising ourselves?

Working with anzuk, we are actively speaking with educators everyday, rather than waiting for people to respond to an advert. We have our global team sourcing from overseas and we are networking at conferences around the country.

Why wouldn't the educators just apply directly?

Educators want to make their life simpler, if they have a consultant working on their behalf, we are advocating for them so they feel more confident that they have someone workng hard for them. Educators might also not apply for roles that they deem unsuitable but as we have built relationships with the schools and educators we can advise otherwise.

How far in advance should I contact you in advance?

If someone resigns it is good to know those details as soon as possible but if we have a longer lead time we can also pipeline for vacancies you know are coming up.

Ready 2 Book

Can anyone use Ready2Book?

Ready2Book is exclusive to clients of anzuk Education.

How do I get a login for Ready2Book?

Since Ready2Book is for exclusive use of anzuk Education clients you will need to speak to your account manager to gain access.

Where can I get further help for the app?

If you require further help with our app please contact us.

Can I suggest a new feature?

We love receiving feedback from our customers. You can contact us and let us know how we can make Ready2Book even better.

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