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Designed by educators, for educators!

The LMS(learning management system) is a platform with resources and toolkits for educators to expand and/or gain knowledge in certain areas. Some of our popular topics include (but are not limited to!).

Behaviour Management Resources & Guides

Explore comprehensive behaviour management resources and guides designed for educators on our LMS. Gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and effective tools to create a positive learning environment for students.

CV Writing and Interview Tips

Elevate your career with our specialized courses offering expert CV writing and interview tips for teachers. Learn essential strategies to showcase your skills, stand out, and secure your dream teaching position.

Tips and tricks to taking specialist subjects

Enrich your teaching expertise with our courses providing valuable tips and tricks for mastering specialist subjects. Elevate your classroom delivery and empower students through specialised knowledge and innovative instructional techniques.


Our LMS is designed to make learning easy. If you have any feedback or topics you would like added please reach out to your consultant.

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Learn in your own time

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, choose when and where you learn!

Wide range of courses

Our LMS provides a wide range or resources and courses for all ranges of educators to Early Childhood, Schools as well as casual educators or permanent staff.

Soft skill courses

We also have courses for you to use outside the classroom such as time management and leadership.

Regularly updated

We aim to update our LMS often as we get new requests for courses or market changes.

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about anzuk

I started working for ANZUK a year ago in Melbourne. I find them very supportive and friendly. I heard about their London office and how they help people to make the move! I have always wanted to travel and thought it would be a great opportunity to teach overseas! I am now in London and the ANZUK team over here is just as friendly and supportive as the one in Melbourne. The agency organised meet ups before going to London and here in London too, so I’m able to meet plenty of people and make friends who are in the same situation as myself!!

Bree Pellow

At first I thought it was too good to be true. A whole company devoted to helping teachers find placements? It felt really natural speaking to my consultant. I could tell you guys make a real effort in trying to get the right educator in the right classroom, and I would definetly recommend them to anyone.


ANZUK has been a great agency to work for both in the UK and now here in Australia. I’ve always felt really supported by the team. I have had the option of working straight through schools but still much prefer working through the agency as they always have work ready any time I’ve been available and more often I’ll be booked ahead of time (which is great when organising childcare etc.) Highly recommend to anyone looking for casual work in schools.

Selina Murphy

The anzuk team gave me clear guidance about the likelihood of getting permanent work after doing relief teaching for a while. They’re reliable with very good school networks. You cannot go wrong!

Rosemarie Secondary Teacher

Moving to London from Australia with the assistance of anzuk has been a seamless experience. The staff at anzuk have been helpful every step of the way.

Gemma Rossetti

My first introduction to ANZUK was noticing the lanyard worn by regular CRTs during my teaching placements. During conversations with these teachers, I discovered their enthusiasm for their role and in particular, their compliments regarding the company they worked for. Since recently joining myself as a graduate, I have also found ANZUK to be professional, friendly and reliable. The staff are always willing to answer any questions or concerns and I have been fortunate to receive plenty of work in my local area.