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From the outback to the ocean, we provide exceptional experiences in classrooms around Australia. Our extensive network includes opportunities in Early Childhood Centres, Independent Schools, Private and Government settings, across regional and city locations.

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Our nationwide reach means that you are able to teach all over Australia. From city life to rural areas, we have you covered. Find the best fit for you!

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Voted the most ‘liveable city’ in the world, and the place of our head office!

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There is a reason this sunny city is the most populous in Australia!

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The Capital of the Sunshine State, your chance to work and play in paradise!

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Over 100 schools well within a 30-minute radius of the city centre and beaches.

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Are you eligible to teach in Australia?

Australian Recognised Qualifications
If you're a qualified Teacher in the UK and completed a 4-year degree or equivalent, your qualifications will be recognized in Australia and will you be eligible to teach there. You will be required to register with the appropriate state-based registration board for teaching. If you don't have a teaching qualification you will still be suitable for Support roles or Early Childhood (Nursery)roles.
Working VISA or Aus Working Rights
A number of visa options can be applicable, however the most common if you're aged 18-30 is a Working Holiday Visa.
Up to date CV
We will require an up to date version of your CV - please review our Resume tips. If you are applying for a contract or permanent role, we can provide a template specific to anzuk.
Two Work Referees
Please include two work references for us to contact, who can verify your experience and ability.
State-based requirements

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